Monday, November 7, 2005

DayByDay is Funny

I wrote the last post in a hurry. I tried to edit it, but Blogger is really starting to piss me off. It all showed up as gobbledygook in my editor.


But I wrote the whole blogroll link while home sick yesterday. I was a bit tired cranky, and it was perhaps not the best time to be criticising other folks. I was incapable of fairness.

So here are two caveats to my posts of the last few days.

1. My Blogroll and my post about it are in no order of preference. The Blogroll is kept in reverse chronological order as of most recent posting. Some sites do not register their updates, so they are stuck at the bottom. My blog post took a snapshot of the Blogroll as it stood Sunday afternoon.

2. DaybyDay is funny. By "not as funny as it used to be", I should have been clear. The strip used to make me pee my pants. Full-on. Now that I have built up a tolerance for its humor, only a few drops slip out. Still damn funny, and occasionally pee-able. In beauty terms, it went from Angelina Jolie down to Eva Longoria. Still mighty fine. Just not, you know, AJ.

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